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GRS Motorsports

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Although the GRS Motorsports name and team are brand new and are set to run their first season in 2006 or 2007, There is a bit of history there. GRS is my fathers initials, they stand for Gary Robert Scott. The team is really a tribute to him, as, if it weren't for him and his brief racing career in the FEAR Stock Division in the 70s, I would probably have not had an interest in racing. I am very proud of my father, the man, the father and the race car driver. I plan to run my extreme contact car with his old number on it and the GRS Motorsports name on the back. I hope to one day pass the tradition of FEAR down to my daughter and put her in the #91 car.

I also want to run the Nascar Mini-Stock division in the #13 as a tribute to my Autistic son Michael. I am currently looking for help converting my street car into a Mini-Stock so I can race this year and race F.E.A.R. next year. If anyone out there in Tagworld/Internet land can help me do this for cheap or donate to this endeaver please contact me and let me know.

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Gary Scott (My Father)


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